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Dec 20, 2017

Zac Carman returns to the show for a New York Times crossword puzzle that's heavy on the Scrabble trivia. We talk Dad's Rules, Zach Braff's Prank Gaffes, loose sausage, and Jason Alexander's Godzilla movie.

Dec 13, 2017

The Rowdy Boys are back again, doing a puzzle that may or may not be written by a Mr. Joe Fagliano, definitely ISN'T from 1993, and covers everything from an hovering Popeye's chicken to DIY euthanasia. 

Nov 28, 2017

Hey there sailor, we got a real doozy of an episode for you today: from the lost archives of On The Cross comes an experimental episode from the cutting room floor. Our good friend and practical co-host at this point Tyler Gooch was in the neighborhood and we decided to try out some different smaller show formats....

Nov 21, 2017

Andy Fleming returns after a couple months (has it been that long? It almost feels like his episodes were recorded back-to-back) with lots of facts about Kid Rock, the Addams Family, the golden age of rap music, the California Raisins, fetish horse racing, Lord of the Flies ASMR, D programming, and Milo Vanilli. 

Nov 8, 2017

Comedian/producer/friend Greg Welsh stopped by for a quick crossword puzzle and a chat about the Soviet Union, thanksgiving foods, monkey meat, skeleton rapture, and corn units.

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