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Nov 28, 2017

Hey there sailor, we got a real doozy of an episode for you today: from the lost archives of On The Cross comes an experimental episode from the cutting room floor. Our good friend and practical co-host at this point Tyler Gooch was in the neighborhood and we decided to try out some different smaller show formats....

Nov 21, 2017

Andy Fleming returns after a couple months (has it been that long? It almost feels like his episodes were recorded back-to-back) with lots of facts about Kid Rock, the Addams Family, the golden age of rap music, the California Raisins, fetish horse racing, Lord of the Flies ASMR, D programming, and Milo Vanilli. 

Nov 8, 2017

Comedian/producer/friend Greg Welsh stopped by for a quick crossword puzzle and a chat about the Soviet Union, thanksgiving foods, monkey meat, skeleton rapture, and corn units.

To keep up with Greg, as well as seeing what a lot of previous guests are up to here in the secret comedy mecca that is Louisville check out